Bring Value to Your Business With Maya Cobot

The kitchen assistant, Maya Cobot is designed to speed up the cooking process in commercial kitchens. Maya Cobot is safe and easy to use robot that will help in automating the cooking tasks. You can assign more rewarding tasks to your employees while Maya Cobot handles the cooking tasks. With our new age technology, we aim to improve the dining experience.

Perfect for Commercial Kitchen

A remarkable thing about this robot is that it can be used for any type of commercial kitchen. This will help in reducing preparation time.

Works with the Kitchen Staff

The kitchen assistant works alongside your other kitchen staff. It has laser sensors that will help in monitoring and recognizing the items and utensils.

Perform Various Tasks

A wonderful thing about this robot is its ability to perform different cooking tasks. It is capable of grilling and frying the ingredients. Moreover, it boasts an automatic tool for cleaning and switching. This will help in performing repetitive tasks and optimizing these tasks.

OSHA Safety Complaint

It has sensors that enable your employees to work safely with Maya Cobot. This kitchen assistant is OSHA safety compliant, limiting the chance of errors. The robot has efficient and safe movements when preparing food.

Cloud-Based Learning

This assistant is developed to monitor and learn new skills from the kitchen staff.  It can manage food with real-time decision making. This robot has a responsive management system.